Just a quick entry. I hope to post another post addressing some of the aspects of our leadership, tithing, and church callings to ward members tomorrow.

I wanted to explain why i chose the picture I did for the banner.

I'm using it to represent the road back to full activation in the church and also to gaining more blessings as a member of the church. Basically it's the road "back home".

Took one step 2 weeks ago my joining the church choir. I used to always sing with the church choir but I haven't for years. I had a great time performing today.

Today, I completed the first step to being able to get a temple recommend once more.

I'm very eager to finish the next step and go back to the temple. I am eager to be a part of the sacred (not secret) work that goes on therein. I'm eager for the feeling of leaving the world behind when I enter. I am eager to partake of the great spirit that is there. Soon, I hope. Very soon.

(Post on Temples coming soon too)

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