Increase In Learning - Spiritual Patterns For Obtaining Your Own Answers by David A. Bednar
Increase In Learning - Spiritual Patterns For Obtaining Your Own Answers  by David A. Bednar

This is a book that needs to be studied and applied to life to be of true worthwhile. So I have been studying. I have also been participating in an online book club discussion about the book sponsored by Deseret Books. Each time I read the section up next for discussion with the online book club, I end up taking more notes even though my only intent has been to just refresh the week's topic of discussion. I suspect that though I will soon be indicating I've read/studied the last page of this book, I will not be done with it for quite some time as this book is continually giving me more food for thought. The online book club discussion is also giving me more food for thought and more incentive and need to go back through the book again.

I am not exaggerating when I say this book - or rather following Elder Bednar's counsels in this book - have been trully life-changing. With Elder Bednar's help, I've been broken through something I've been struggling with for nearly a year. I do not think I can ever thank Elder Bednar enough.

I am reading this at the same time I am using the Deseret Bookshelf version.

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